‘Immerse yourself in the journey into the eternal expanse’ – Alexis Carballosa 2017

Alexis Carballosa’s AW’17 collection was rich with gorgeous gossamer, vibrant colours and outstanding silhouettes in his debut London Fashion Week show. Carballosa’s work reflects a unique combination of art and a love of nature, with a strong determination to preserve the environment embodied in his designs. Influenced by his grandmother’s passion for design, his own brand became established in the US and has found huge success in the past few years across America and Europe.

Inspired by the depth of the underwater world and the exotic universe it contains, his show ‘Unbound’ incorporates dramatic volume in the sleeves and trains flowing from some pieces. And yet, his designs still accentuate and flatter the female figure and waist. With emphasis on the theme of the underwater world, the show was coloured with hues of blue, green and yellow, with metallic accents to add another dimension of texture. The colouring itself, with the hints of shimmering golds and silvers, delivered the emotional response that Carballosa hoped to achieve.

The initial blue outfits proved pleating to be a popular statement, with asymmetrical construction and ruffling adding an edge to the otherwise fluid designs. The green pieces emphasised his signature use of gossamer which created soft and flowing silhouettes under the bright catwalk lights. Meanwhile, the yellow streamlined pieces demonstrated his versatile use of drapery, which contrasted the season’s strong signature sleeves which were iridescent. The finale look stood out dramatically as an amplified all-black gown made from gazer silk and organza which truly captured his ‘limitless universe’ in its stark density compared to the softness of earlier designs.

All of the accessories were hand-crafted by Carballosa using re-purposed materials which he transformed into art. By becoming indistinguishable from their original form, his creations mirrored his belief in creating awareness of the environmental movement by transforming waste into art. It was truly a nature-loving, Biophilic collection.

Written by Eleanor Weaver. Images © & by caption.