Known for her bold use of colour, Central St. Martins’ graduate Angel Chen presented her latest collection in the Freemasons’ Hall on Friday. As one of last season’s ‘Ones to Watch’, all eyes were on this up and coming designer. Not failing to disappoint, this striking and unusual collection was a bombardment of the senses, and difficult to miss.

With grunge undertones running the whole way through, this collection was highly experimental with cut, drape and fit, making no clear distinction between masculinity and femininity. Reflecting this, the colour palette was a concoction of colour, with bright pastels interjected with black. Biker jackets and lace-up trousers were coordinated in bright metallic colours, embellished with drawstring gathers and zipped slashes. The models adorned tattoos and piercings to bring the entire grunge theme together.

Towards the end of the show, a clear festival vibe became apparent as the models walked down the runway in garish ankle-length raincoats. A subtle camo pattern was printed onto loose-fitted dresses and pockets, straps and pleated applique fabric added extra interest.

The real highlight of the collection were the woven, knitted headpieces which protruded from the models’ heads in bright shades of pink. Some headpieces, worn as masks, were plaited like hair and decorated with feathers, giving an almost animalistic edge to this unique collection.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Chris Yates.

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