Angus Chiang’s latest collection is an adventure for the eye; bursting to the brim with colour clashing and blocking, the pieces scream androgyny and disjointed chic.

The school style runs throughout, with cut-out cardboard on the floor, miss-matched fabrics and “cut and stick” eyewear, headwear and jewellery. Exuding 90s vibes, the collection is full of bright shell suits and sequined shoes. A “boarding school glam” look is created with cricket style jumpers, side satchels and everyday academic objects.

The use of denim is rife, both embroidered and distressed. Meanwhile, the use of badges and primary coloured hairstyle gives the collection a punk feel. The key staple piece are cigarette trousers, in threadbare cotton, featured in multiple colours and all with a heart-shaped belt.

Colourful raised platform shoes and boots, along with scalloped collars give the collection a fun and quirky feel. Meanwhile all silhouettes are kept slick with the use of belts and elastic bands worn around the waist and head.

Angus Chang’s AW17 collection is idiosyncratic and outlandish whilst encapsulating an incoherent elegance.

Written by © Ella Peers. Images ©