Members of the Four Paws organisation, calling for Burberry to end its use of fur, protested outside the brand’s AW14 show on Sunday. The organisation claims that it has had support from 23,500 people on their website with regards to the issue since publishing shocking video footage last week. The disturbing footage shows animals living in cramped and dirty conditions, that fall below the fur industry’s minimum standards, on Finnish fur farms belonging to the auction house that supplies Burberry.

In response to Four Paws’ campaign, Burberry released a statement saying “…we would like to express to you that Burberry will not use natural hides if there is any concern that they have been produced using unacceptable treatment of animals.… we source natural hides very carefully in our efforts to safeguard the correct ethical standards and traceability.”

Wild animal expert at Four Paws Thomas Pietsch, however, believes that “Fur produced in accordance with animal welfare does simply not exist,” and the organisation continues to put pressure on Burberry to abandon all use of real fur in its collections.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Image © Four Paws.