With influences from her life in Kuwait, a love of all things fairytale and a strong interest in surrealist painter Salvador Dali, it’s no surprise that Farah Sultan’s collection is playful and stylish.

Sultan’s brand Arnaa returns this time with the inspiration of a childhood favourite. Alice in wonderland is given a fashionable retelling as models in lace and tulle enjoy a mad hatters tea party fit for Versace. A moss covered table is laid with bone china tea cups, giant playing cards and, of course, butter-soft leather shoes.

The style follows that of the 1800’s with the iconic curved heel and button detailing: Round toed black slingbacks with a stone grey tongue aren fastened with red leather straps, to name just one example. Each design ensures its wearer is able to get down a rabbit hole elegantly and are suitable for the most stylish of tea parties. Sultan likens tweedle dee and tweedle dum to her black and white candy-cane stripe detailing, that transcends the whole collection. This element is incorporated into a show stopping pair of black pointed flats. The embroidered red flowers that grow up the pumps tie in with the real blossom on the table.

Dotted around the tea party are small plaques that read “love me” or “wear me” and we certainly did. Arnaa’s shoes are  transitional. Whether playing croquet with the Queen of hearts or spending a day at the office, each shoe can be taken from day to night. An olive green stiletto with delicate 3D flower detailing is elegant and smart. The same detail is repeated on black and blue booties.

Farah Sultan gives us a feast for the eye and the imagination. Each unique design allows us to step into wonderland in style. She combines ladylike shapes with an infamous children’s tale. Truly brilliant.

Written by and images © Bridget Sissons.

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