Loud, attention-seeking and proud: Ashish SS15 is not for the fainthearted. All fashion rules are broken in a collection that is defined by sequins, gemstones and sparkle. All traditions are set aside; with clothing adorned with glitter, fur and tinsel. Loose, untailored looks reminiscent of loungewear are paraded as outerwear.

In a clashing of themes, snake-skin embellished denim is paired with rainbow-coloured shirts. Dangerously short mini-skirts are paired with masculine biker jackets that hang away from the body. Male models sport necklaces and bracelets, challenging traditional gender stereotypes. Gingham prints are reinvented on pyjama-style trousers; a metallic finish is added to create reflections and sparkle.

Asymmetric shirts with large collars are embellished with tinsel fringing. Accessories are just as bold, with men wearing sparkling sneakers and women catwalking in Barbie-like platforms. These looks certainly make a statement, with jeans and jumpers emblazoned with the faces of One Direction, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus to create a collection illustrative of its time. Furthermore, an all black model cast brings a breath of fresh air to the industry: Chantelle Brown-Young, who has a skin pigment condition called vitiligo, is presented as the emblematic woman of this collection. Ultimately, all boundaries are pushed. This collection has no desire to shy away from the limelight.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Ashish. Video source: British Fashion Council.