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At Ashley Isham clean, simple shift dresses and pretty daywear are completely overshadowed by extravagant and opulent evening gowns. Lace and bead embellishment decorate full length dresses in cobalt blue, red and a seductive aubergine purple. Flowing sheers come into play, as does a more edgy transparent PVC in black and blue. They are truly dazzling pieces, even the two-piece evening looks drip with luxury. The combo of white lace shirt with sheer sleeves and blue PVC skirt is captivating.

In the direct comparison of the catwalk the daywear just cannot compete and would lose all clout completely if it were not for those gorgeous hats with the mesh cut-outs. It’s a crying shame. Shown as a separate collection, on another catwalk, in a different show, the ‘ordinary’ Ashley Isham collection might have had a little space to come into its own. Unfortunately, here in the limelight of those stunning evening dresses, there’s really very little to say about the other pieces at all.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © and courtesy of Ashley Isham.