Planning a city break to Germany’s fashion capital anytime soon? Well after reading through ‘Berlin Street Style‘ you might be. This charming fashion-come-travel guide not only unlocks the secret to achieving Berlin chic, but is also full of great suggestions for super cool places to eat, sleep and (most importantly) shop. So get your minimalist and relaxed capsule wardrobe at the ready and don’t leave this book behind.

Berlin Street Style is full of tips that, not only stop you from looking like a tourist (urgh), but that can also be applied in London for some easy sophistication. Angelika Taschen (with Alexa Von Heyden) even advises on what to wear for specific occasions; that art gallery opening, trip to the theatre or even yoga class needn’t be a wardrobe quandary any longer.

Although Berlin Street Style is predominantly focussed on fashion and styling there is a distinct lack of street style photography. The style descriptions are great but more visual examples would have given the book a more inspirational feel. Regardless of this, I couldn’t think of a better guide to have on hand for visiting this fabulous city, and I’ll certainly be applying some Berlin Street Style rules at home too. There is also a Paris Street Style edition available, so fingers crossed Milan, London and New York are on the way!

Reviewed by Francesca Bassenger. Image © Abrams & Chronicle.