From amongst an otherwise monochrome collection, flashes of shocking pink immediately catch your eye. It’s the first thing you notice about the Berthold collection for AW14. The print is reminiscent of that old television screen fuzz that would appear when no reception could be found… thousands and thousands of pixels jostling for space. At the same time there is something galactic about it, although this is where the link between sic-fi futurism and this collection ends. All of the other elements are very much of the now; sweatshirts over long plain shirts, softly structured coats in smooth black scuba fabric, zip detailing and knee length shorts.

It’s a sporty look to a certain extent (the addition of draw strings to sweatshirts, a backpack and outerwear confirms it) but that is not to say it is without elegance. Simple, clean and contemporary, Berthold’s offering for this season is a hit.

 Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images courtesy of Village PR and Berthold.