Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes is a curious little book. Considering the professional-aimed image of the make-up brand itself, the book seems to be aimed at a much younger and novice audience than its beauty range. In its layout, cutesy illustrations and conversational style it reminds me of the girly mags I used to buy as a pre-teen.

It starts with the basics; what brushes to use, how to care for them etc. which is great (any aspiring make-up artist would need to know these things) but it doesn’t go much further than this. There are a few very basic looks with very little written content, and then a very large section about glasses at the back.

Despite its size and thinness, the book’s content gives the impression that the brand struggled for content. Sections are included that aren’t even particularly relevant to make-up, such as general eye care.  I had expected a weighty tome that provided a real insight into professional eye make-up techniques, filled with step by step images, pictures from professional shoots, both dramatic editorial and day-wear looks, and above all some expert information. This diminutive watered-down version is not only quite disappointing but it doesn’t do justice to the depth of skill required to be a professional make-up artist.

If you’re just looking for a few tips on how to improve your personal eye make-up look (particularly if you’re an avid glasses wearer) then this is a fun little book that will give you a few ideas. If you’re hoping to take a peak into the professional world of make-up artistry then this probably isn’t the right book for you.

Reviewed by Francesca Bassenger. Image courtesy of Abrams and Chronicle.