To celebrate the launch of the new website, Bernstock Spiers has released a short fashion film that encapsulates the individuality that the brand promotes. The designer duo behind the brand, Paul Bernstock and Thelma Speirs, have been innovating traditional millinery since 1982. Their designs include the adorable ‘Bunny Cap’ that features in the video, as well as cashmere beanies with veils, and feathered visors.

Bunny Love is a simple story, bare of the usual post-production gloss and conceptual ‘deepness’ that big budget fashion films lather on in abundance. It lacks pretence in a way that is charming, quirky and honest.

In an interview with STYLE LDN, Thelma Speirs said, “We really wanted something that captures the essence of what we do.  I think the film is really funny. It has a simple message that people should embrace the way they look and be themselves…..In fact make a thing of your weirdness!” 

We asked the director of the film, Romain Sellier, what he loved about making fashion films; he said, “As a fashion photographer I sometimes feel frustrated with the still images and often have the desire to go a bit further, work more with the model trying to have more subtle emotions. It’s also a fantastic way to work with the designers in a more free expression. My ambition is pretty simple, I just want to have fun with future film makings and also have the possibility to meet more designers from various horizons and, with them, write and film stories that are at the crossroad of our sensitivities.”

Written by Francesca Bassenger.