The amalgamation of the words ‘rocking’ and ‘rococo’; Caslazur’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection name spikes intrigue immediately. How can design embody the nonchalant, raw, and often masculine edge that is associated with Rock music but also sing the notes of an elaborately ornamental art movement?

The answer lies in Caslazur’s latest collection. Where androgynous, modern tailoring fuses with ornate, floral prints, (recognisable as Rococo art inspired). The result of such a blend? Sublime elegance with a dash of contemporary coolness.

Paying homage to the nonchalant attitudes of 1950s Rock icons, Elvis and James Dean included; the collection features cropped leather tops, slouchy boyfriend jeans and a leather biker in a cool, dove grey. Then there’s the Foiled, A-line, leather skirt: an iridescent gem of rock glamour glinting out from the warm flesh tones of luxurious cashmeres and silks. It’s all laid-back and with a youthful spirit.

What’s interesting about Caslazur is the way it blends masculine toughness with softer styles. The ombre look comprises a silk skirt and blouse in a smooth stream of cool tones. The majestic silhouette feels as extravagant as Rococo art and yet, the dip into murky blue which creeps hemline-up keeps things on the side of effortless chic. A hint to the rock vibe.

The Caslazur collection is rebellious with a soft coating of decadence. A rock girl’s perspective on the Late Baroque period in France, where Rococo art soared. Soft and sultry, effortless yet polished: it’s a collection to take note of.

Written by Daniella Golden. Images © Caslazur.