As a personal trainer, Charli Cohen designs her clothes with performance and practicality in mind. Bridging the gap between sportswear and ready-to-wear fashion, her latest collection is emblematic of the modern woman. With a smart combination of ‘luxury, technology and futuristic edginess’, Charli Cohen’s AW15 collection for her eponymous label continues to blur the boundaries between sportswear and daywear.

During London Fashion Week, the collection is debuted in the prestigious ME Hotel. The show begins with a highly recognisable quote from ‘Fight Club’, setting the scene for what turns out to be a highly athletic showcase. The clothes themselves are not only completely functional but utterly stylish, with flattering high neck sports bras and matching leggings. Loosely tailored t-shirts are worn just as they are, with their contrasting coloured panels of black and grey. Flattering joggers are worn over the top of bodysuits, with mesh cut-outs being used to keep the looks feminine and playful. A more everyday look, comprised of an oversized coat and beanie hat, demonstrates the collection’s dynamism and cross-boundary ability between the fields of daywear and sportswear.

While this collection continues the trend for sportswear-inspired daywear, it also makes an important point. Echoing the sentiments of a recent campaign by Sport England, Charli Cohen celebrates strong, active women who disregard cultural assumptions in the pursuit of athletic achievement, making her most recent collection a highly poignant one.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Charli Cohen.

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