In this beautiful video posted by Scoop International and created by artisanal brand Chiti, we see traditional methods used to create a pair of Chiti knitted shoes. The video highlights Scoop International’s promotion of UK and international handcraft designer labels; which at February’s event will include Butterfly, Angela Caputi, Raga,  Cabinet, Marion Foale and Chiti. 

The video takes us right to the source of the product, showing the lengthy process of spinning and dying the yarn, as well as the actual knitting. As well as promoting the brand itself, it captures the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and the affection we, as consumers, have for the few products that are still made in this way. In an age where fashion is ever changing (‘clicked-and-collected’ only to be discarded on a whim at the turn of the next trend) it is both humbling and warming to watch the skilled creation of these exceptional products.

Scoop International will take place on 1-3 February 2015.

Written by Francesca Bassenger.