Christopher Shannon’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection captures the Y generation with an all-round coolness and sporty edge. The spiritual paraphernalia that could be stumbled upon in a teenager’s bedroom has been channelled through his oversized shapes; with scrapbooks, random collages and sticker books the sources of inspiration behind the collection.

Referencing photographer Adrienne Salinger’s 1995 book ‘In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms’ and YouTube videos made by Sophie Lee Beresford which features her dancing in her bedroom, Shannon has created a collection that is wildly free and youthful.

Dreamcatchers, joss sticks, and dolphin motifs are the types of things you would find strewn on the floor of the typical teenager’s bedroom Shannon has envisaged. It’s a collection to wear with a nostalgic nod to the teenage years of collecting and treasuring, pieces that embody the endless search for finding oneself and the haze of growing up.

Rip-up collage screen prints, reminiscent of teenage scrap books cover large T-shirts with drop sleeves, whilst cut outs gives a breather in the heavy shapes. The canvases to Shannon’s collages come in Cream, navy, black, raspberry and purple. An exemplar of Christopher Shannon’s craftsmanship, Plastisol prints are cut by hand, while fine-stripe knits are exaggerated by nylon anoraks; and top-heavy denim.

What’s perhaps most memorable about Shannon’s collection is the scrapbook-style rawness that gives a rebellious and original twist on menswear design. Nostalgic, yet modern, the collection is a conceptual and interesting mix.

Written by Daniella Golden. Images © Christopher Shannon.