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For want of a better word, Christopher Shannon’s is a bitchin’ collection for SS14. Colourful, with great texture-play, yet wearable and exciting and by far my favourite show of London Collections Men this season. Inspired by the Liverpool and Manchester super club scene, Christopher Shannon captures all of the textures and colours of the post-rave era.

Shorts made of translucent rubbers in fluro blues, greens and pinks are contrasted against glossy bomber jackets in the same colour. Tiny intricate florals decorate both loose fitting pull-string, and tailored shorts. A layering effect is created by adding a double waist, and gives the impression of matching boxers worn high underneath.

Hair is slicked back with coloured glitter gels and looks sh**-hot both on and off the catwalk (I spotted one of the models on the street after the show still rockin’ it.) Footwear: Kickers that look as though they’ve been encased within a contrasting sandal.

Shirt collars are elongated with an exaggerated point for added drama and are matched, in colour and print, to bottoms. Sheers and denims make an appearance but the real highlights fabrics-wise have to be that high-gloss vinyl/PVC and translucent rubber. Smokin’ hot. An unforgettable collection.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Photographs © Christopher Dadey and courtesy of IPR London.