An electric atmosphere, a sweet scented room, bold coloured and textures. Welcome to Motel Clio. A vibrant motel lobby is brought to life with retro shag rugs, pink candelabras and cocktail glasses; designed by the talented Amy Exton, the set designer for Pepiatt’s Marshall Street presentation.

This collection is very much for the modern woman. A fun, eccentric and sexy woman that revels in exploring the endless possibilities of brightly coloured faux fur and soft leathers. Dotted around the room, models lay elegantly on plush velvet sofas or stand propped up against a mantel piece as if frozen in time, creating an incredibly chic ‘who-done-it’ atmosphere. Each piece in this collection is stunningly unique. A black tweed two-piece with sparkly accents and fur detailing creates the perfect balance between the conservative woman and conscious femininity. And would a collection by Clio Peppiatt be complete without a heavy dusting of sequins? Strategically placed embellished hearts on a skin tight mesh top makes for the perfect party piece. Diamanté fishnet stockings and statement satin bombers complete with appliqué designs make this collection ultra-feminine and fun.

Detailing is key  to Peppiatt’s pieces. A collaborative approach has been taken, harbouring fashion talent from all corners of the world. Infamous for his stunning headwear, Italian born Francesco Ballestrazzi created embroidered berets donning the logo ‘Motel Clio’ . Streetzie’s bunny slippers tie together the cute and kitsch vibe of the whole collection.  Artisan baker Lily Vanilli’s  sparkling cup cakes are handed out to guests of the Motel on a silver tray.

It is sure that motel Clio will be fully booked all season!

Written by and images © Bridget Sissons.

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