True to its title, ‘Whitewash’ is pure minimalism. With accents of silver metallic and denim, the CMMN SWDN collection for SS15 blew down the walk like an icy wind. The models, all of which had a distinctly etherial scandinavian look, powered along with bold strides and expressions somewhere in the range between melancholy and fury.

Inspired by bold blackwork tattoos, in particular the work of San Francisco tattoo artist Roxx, indigenous art is key influence – yet not a single black print is in sight. Instead the shapes are outwardly embossed providing texture to a predominantly white collection. Imagine the pieces in black and military tones and you have a typical 90s grunge/punk look, yet this super clean aesthetic re-invents it as something new.

Outerwear takes centre stage. The straight legged silhouette allows the eye to focus on the bulkier upper body; angular capped-sleeved shirts, kimono sleeved denim shirts, collarless bomber jackets, slim-lappelled blazers and biker jackets in black and dove grey. These statement injection pieces act as a well judged break from the crispness, reminding us that the CMMN SWDN man ain’t no angel.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © as per caption.