Common SWDN, one of the key up-and-coming brands of the season, pushes the boundaries in modern menswear. Launched by Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund, the dynamic duo have a strong background in a series of renowned fashion houses. Having both studied Menswear Design at Central St. Martins it seemed only a matter of time before Common was born, with key signatures of every season being ‘Progressive design with clean aesthetics.’

Common continue their story of constructed, restrained and clean lines as the models swoon London Collections this season for their ‘Tech – Noir’ collection. The pair showcase their inter-blending of futuristic cultivation with minimalist principals, featuring signature pieces that include tailored suiting and bomber jackets. Inspired by the avant-garde post-war period, the collection merges past and present combining sharp and timeless elegance with science fiction. The colour palette mirrors the work of tech inspired artist Gerhard Mantz’ piece ‘Blinde Freiheit’ (1998) featuring dark tones of icy blue and clinical whites, liquified with laser reds and bottle greens. Saif Bakir uses his London viewpoint, adding crisp edgy lines, whilst Swedish born Emma encapsulates Scandinavian minimalism. Together, this duo cultivates an identity that is far from common.

Written by Elliot Bateman. Images courtesy of Common.