Tucked away from the hustle and bustle surrounding Baker Street station, the Ede & Ravenscroft SS15 presentation took place in the most quiet and darling of locations. The little courtyard leading into Chiltern Street Studio was the perfect evocation of an English country garden; wild flowers, terracotta plant pots and a rustic iron bench helped set the scene. It was classic, fresh and delicately but authentically arranged… much like the Ede & Ravenscroft collection itself.

There’s no pretence with this collection: The look is dapper yet casual and not over-thought. Collarless shirts under pastel coloured linen jackets and straw trilby hats create a sense of easy romance; picnics on the banks of a burbling stream on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Every gentleman knows that attention to detail when dressing is key, in this case those details are pocket handkerchiefs and contrasting bow ties in pastels, stripes or checks.

Ede & Ravenscroft has captured the pure essence of British summertime and tightly bottled it in a charmingly sophisticated collection. Rather a fave for this season, one might say.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © as per caption.