Edeline Lee maintains the equilibrium between effeminate tailoring and tough hardwearing fashion. When you think of Lee’s masterpieces you think of distorted block colours and shapes. The misplaced monochrome tiled floor and the mountains of brightly coloured paper dotted around the room set off the polarised theme of the collection –  boyish details set within fresh feminine colours.

The theme of balance transcends throughout the collection into its tailoring. Oversized smock dresses and loose fitting jumpsuits are fantastically ‘unsexy’. Both have V necklines that reveal the feminine form that lies beneath the garment. Monochrome pieces are dotted throughout the collection. Again we are reminded of two opposing ends, this time being dark and light. A black woollen two-piece is layered with a dusty grey turtleneck; the oversized pockets all with heavy stitching in white are attention seeking and modern. The stitching detail is repeated but reversed on a cream coat with large lapels. Both the outline of the coat and the pocket lining are black, this coat refuses to be ignored.

All the models are wearing sturdy lace-up leather boots which create a tough edge to the collection. This juxtaposes with the fresh tones of lilac and cream within the colour palette. A custom made version of the same design is seen on the infamous fashionista and socialite ‘Miss Pandemonium’ at the presentation. An off-white V neck dress with t-shirt sleeves is embellished with blue and grey 3D golden centred flowers. Next to this is a flower printed smock with matching skin-tight trousers. Both pieces are young and elegant and are in total contrast to the heavy boots.

The Canadian born designer has worked with the greatest of the greats. However, it is clear that through the development of her signature style, Edeline Lee has created a significant base of female followers that stay true to her modernist and feminine designs.

Written by and images © Bridget Sissons.

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