Edeline Lee knows how to put on a presentation; she also knows how to do feminine very well.

For her AW’17 collection Lee was inspired by the works of Hannah Hoch, a member of the Berlin Dada art movement during the Weimar period and a pioneer in collaging. Lee drew on Hoch’s work by concurrently addressing issues of female identity and historical context: a highly relevant subject right now.

Guests entered the OXO Tower to the sounds of concert pianist Belle Chen, before ascending a cold staircase to further intriguing sounds, this time from electronic percussionist Jaeva. The delicate garments against the harsh sounds of the looping films, worn away walls and bare flooring of the OXO tower gave a rather nice juxtaposition of layering, much like a collage’s multiple forms.

The collection comprised of textured worsted wool, in a rich colour palette of navy blue, popping red, saffron yellow, lead grey and muted aqua. Lee also introduced her first collection of Austrian merino knitwear for AW’17; the outwear was accented beautifully with graphic, cobalt blue magnetic buttons and buckles.

Altogether, the collection was feminine yet strong: the perfect reminder that the contemporary women can be both.

Written by Michaela Hoyte. Images © Edeline Lee and Vogue.co.uk