Toying with our expectations for SS15 was Edeline Lee and her kooky but covetable collection at this season’s LFW.

In what was an extremely unique presentation, Edeline Lee divided her collection into separate boxes which each featured 1-2 outfits. The boxes were then themed by colour and designed accordingly to compliment the outfits on display. The choice of colours mimicked the designer’s playful take on spring/summer, combining plenty of monochrome with an array of brights, pastels and metallic shades.

Pieces focussed heavily on tailoring and, whilst the collection did combine some feminine and romantic shapes, androgyny remained one of the key influences. Reminiscent of her previous collections, and signature style as a designer, was the use of geometric cut pieces and subtle pleat detail.

With regards to silhouette, this season Edeline Lee catered to a variety of different fashion tastes. Whilst asymmetric cut-out and print detail gave a structured feel to the clothing, floaty dresses and sheer fabrics added romanticism. Black panelled dresses with metallic layers gave the collection an edgy aesthetic.

Unfortunately, the choice to separate the looks by colour in such an obvious way only served to take away from the collection’s sense of unity. Nevertheless, the Edeline Lee collection was still an interesting and memorable addition to this season’s LFW offerings.

Written by Orla Wallis. Images © Sean Gleason.