The 70’s is a recurring theme this season and Eudon Choi is happy to oblige. The word ‘flares’ appears multiple times in my show notes, with colour blocking, funnel necks and rib-knits further reinforcing the ode to the era.

Eudon Choi’s collection, however, does differ significantly in the sense that it maintains a distinctly Japanese vibe. Amongst the era signifiers mentioned above we also see belted wrap-shirts and voluminous silk dresses. For AW15, the Korean designer looks to a Japanese architectural movement of the 1950’s to mid 1970’s called ‘Metabolism’ for inspiration. The influence is seen throughout the collection in the combination of functionality and geometric forms.

The colour palette includes navy, magenta, fuchsia, aureolin and cobalt, with large contrasting circles of colour bringing points of interest to leather jacket pockets. Jacquard pieces come in multiple forms such as bomber jackets and blazers, my personal favourite being a pair of jacquard bell-bottom trousers; another strong piece  being the oversized jacquard scarf with giant white tassels.

Although I can’t profess to being one hundred percent convinced by the harmoniousness of the pairing of the two influences, it can’t be denied that Eudon Choi has given an interesting and personalised twist to a trend that could otherwise become very ‘samey’ across the AW15 offerings.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © Francesca Bassenger. Video source British Fashion Council, YouTube.

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