Eudon Choi’s AW’17 collection was a masterclass in how to do minimalism with maximum impact.

There were no gimmicks or over the top embellishments for this collection. It didn’t need any of that. Choi’s history in Menswear shone through in the form of relaxed, loose tailoring and his exploration of sartorial silhouettes. Choi drew inspiration from the works of the Austrian-Czech architect and pioneer of the modernist movement, Adolf Loos. There was a particular focus on Loos’s ethos: eliminate adornment. Choi titled the collection after the late architect’s essay ‘Ornament and Crime’, in which Loos explores the subtraction of ornament from everyday objects. ‘Raumplan’, the idea of combining the stark exterior with the plush interior was also a source of inspiration for Choi; this came in the form of balancing crisp tailoring with opulent fastenings and his signature feminine sensibility.

A play of proportions came in the form of chunky knitted jumpers, slung asymmetrically over the shoulders, loose wide trousers, fitted skirts and oversized puffer jackets. And it all came in a colour palette of fresh white, bright orange, grey, lilac, champagne and navy.

Choi somehow manages to create a beautifully bold statements without the need to shout. It was simplicity and elegance at its finest, leaving one to whisper loudly: “take my money now!”.

Written by © Michaela Hoyte. Images ©