FAD. AW15.

Now in its 14th year, the creative charity Fashion Awareness Direct held its annual competition for budding young designers on the last night of London Fashion Week.  Given a brief to create a mini-collection exploring the world of physics and design, the 17 finalists used interesting scientific processes and theories to produce their work. The winner, Juniper Lai, a 3rd year Menswear design student at London College of Fashion stole the show with her sports-luxe collection.

Lai’s work is all about using new technology and breaking fashion rules. She used 3D Sintering which is a more advanced development of 3D printing, a concept that, according to Lai,  has never before been used in a fashion collection.  Using sintering, she was able to create the fabric by printing negative space and links. Interested by the numbers and their importance in the structure of the world, the young designer also took inspiration in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film, the Holy Mountain, creating a religious tone in her mini-collection.

Taking the iconic Pharell hat to a new height, Lai’s tall wide brim hats were eye-catching. A blue ombre linked skirt was paired with a dark navy cropped jacket, while the other look was pure white and well tailored with culottes and a button-down shirt. It is rare to see a young female designer so heavily influenced by menswear, but coming from a background in tailoring, Lai finds it an exciting field. The LCF student explained how she uses feminine tones in her work, which is something always relevant in menswear.

So what’s next? Juniper Lai will be exhibiting her work in June as part of the press show for LCF. Expect more 3D material and innovative designs.

Written by Chelsea Davis. Images as per caption. Video source, Fashion Scout Vimeo.

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