Uber-cool Danish model, Freja Beha Erichsen has re-ignited her stellar presence in the fashion scene this year, returning from a hiatus rather spectacularly by opening the Nicolas Ghesquière debut for Louis Vuitton in March. Now, her youthful, androgynous looks have taken her back to collaborating with Zadig & Voltaire, a brand which embodies her nonchalant, achingly cool vibe. They have her picture pinned up on their inspiration board each season.

Her new collection for the ever-edgy and rock n’ roll brand plays by the rules of dressing with minimal effort but hitting the cool notes with maximum impact. Androgynous and slouchy, it’s the roll-out-of-bed-swig-a-coffee-and-go feel of the classic rock chick that is infused in the collection. It’s all loose fitting and self-effacing: with simple tees, a vintage denim jacket and a leather jacket forming the foundations of the collection. Imprinted with the model’s birth date and first letter of her name, ‘F87’, the champion pieces stand out as Freja signatures: the items you would no-doubt find hanging in her wardrobe.

True to her personal, off-duty model style the pieces hold that effortless allure we all secretly hope to achieve when we ‘throw on’ something in the morning, (which, in reality, took a good ten minutes of head tilting debate on whether it will work with that top or those trousers). A neutral palette of white, grey and black unifies the pieces as wardrobe staples, with leather elements adding a touch of 90s grunge – an ever-present favourite of the Zadig & Voltaire brand – to the collection.

As if the collection wasn’t alluring enough, it also holds the goodness kudos in its hands, with 40% of sales going to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) to continue its work providing aid to developing countries facing disease.

Stylish clothes with a conscience: Freja Beha Erichsen, we salute you.

Written by Daniella Golden.