Hidden away in an underpass, decorated in colourful and expressive graffiti, the underground arts space The Vaults was a fitting venue for the Fyodor Golan SS15 collection. The two designers continued on the futuristic theme from their AW14 collection with what they called a celebration of ‘digital romanticism’.

The designers collaborated with Microsoft for their SS15 show: using the Lumia 830 and 930 smartphones, live images were projected onto an inverted pyramid screen in the middle of the catwalk, allowing the designers to further explore a dialogue of the digital age and creating one spectacular show.

Exploring form and function through intricate folds and pleats, the Fyodor Golan SS15 collection was a visual feast for the eyes. Influences from 60’s theorist Lucio Fonatana’s slashed canvases and American conceptual artist Robert Morris’s ‘Felt Sculptures’ helped the two designers to not only look at the garments from a different perspective but also influenced them to wrap and drape slashed pieces of fabric to allow more movement. With bright neon colours that were influenced by the 90’s rave scene, overly exaggerated dresses embellished with plastic floral appliqués, sheer dresses, wide leg trousers and perfect co-ord pieces all combined together with distorted digital images of flowers and footballers. Now we may not know what the future or even the future of fashion looks like, but maybe it will look something like Fyodor Golan SS15.

Written by Michaela Hoyte. Images © Fyodor Golan.