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The Gieves & Hawkes collection for SS14 features sharp-as-you-like tailoring, reflecting the brand’s quality and sartorial excellence. Always smart, even when casual, the Gieves & Hawkes gent has a pristine look that is both stylish and refined. Neatly pressed chino shorts, jackets belted at the waist, macs, and plaid fabrics each have their moment yet there is a great sense of balance across the collection.

The colours are generally neutral: khakis, navy, pastel pinks and beiges, with the exception of a beautiful burnt-orange double breasted jacket. Of course, the main spectacles of the collection are the suits… and there is one for every occasion.

As expected, elegance is key but there is also a freshness that shouts ‘Summer is here!’, revs up the yacht and thrusts a bottle of prosecco in your hand. What’s more, these guys have already packed… covetable arm candy comes in the form of hot holdalls and soft canvas rucksacks with leather detailing. Count me in.

 Written by Francesca Bassenger. Photographs courtesy of Gieves & Hawkes and KCD London.