Established in 1951, Gloverall has developed its signature utilitarian duffle coats effortlessly each season, with spring/summer 2015 taking them down a sportswear route. Tans, greys and khakis are intertwined with a retro print, all showcased on classic English outerwear.

Relaxed blazers, unlined jackets and contrast facing all lend their features to being creatively refined, with attention focused on the cut and shape. Monty and car coats slip easily into any wardrobe as lasting staples, whilst crisp collared shirts and sports influenced sweatshirts make this collection causally exude timeless style.

Inspiration is found in 1950’s English Sanderson wallpaper print; referencing the innate heritage soul of Gloverall. Combined with technical lightweight water and wind resistant fabrics, these pieces are suitable for typical British weather. This mosaic like print brings together the colour scheme of the collection: bright azure, crimson, and bold emerald.

Within this collection Gloverall has seamlessly mixed the old and new, classic fabrics modernised with technical qualities; shower proof cottons, cotton pique jersey and cotton knitwear. Furthermore, with all outerwear donning the “Made in England” label and all knitwear being produced in Scotland, there’s no better way to translate heritage luxury for modern day style.

Written by Gabby Kynoch. Images © Gloverall.