Winners of the Fashion Scout SS15 Merit Award, partners Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe had a lot to prove this season. Their label, Gyo Yuni Kimchoe, follows the philosophy of ‘Respect of life and nature’, stemming from the couple’s interest in environmental problems, social issues and animal cruelty. With this in mind, the label presented its latest collection, creatively entitled Weed Gardener Corps, during London Fashion Week.

The collection is aptly named for its inclusion of reinvented camo prints, floral patterns and watering cans that overflow with foliage. Shirt dresses and jackets are adorned with epaulettes, exemplifying a clear and deliberate nod to the military style. At first glance, the clothes appear highly structured and almost bulky, with intrusive pockets dominating the silhouette. However, carefully placed prints draw the eye diagonally down from shoulder to ankle, making the clothes flow effortlessly. Masculine tailoring is challenged through the use of ruffles and delicate shirt collars, while a pastel colour palette keeps the collection playful and quirky.

The accessories pull the whole collection together; Wellington boots and clogs are decorated with plants, whilst model rifles are fitted with watering hose nozzles. With their clever and unexpected combination of military and nature, it is clear to see why the couple won the prestigious Fashion Scout Award.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Gyo Yuni Kimchoe.