Hakaan Yildrim closed this season’s London Fashion Week in fine form. The queue to get into the show was rather large; everyone waiting in anticipation to see what Hakaan had to offer. I think it’s fair to say it was well worth the wait, offering up his usual sexy dresses alongside more tailored pieces and cosy knitwear. There was a big element of structure as well in the form of body hugging corsets.

Hakaan drew his inspiration from one of his favourite films ‘Grey Gardens’ which depicts the lives of Mother and Daughter Edith and Edie Bouvier Beale and their time living in a dilapidated mansion named Grey Gardens. It was the Daughter Edie whom he drew most inspiration from her character never lets go of her unique style, using the same pieces in many differing ways. Her unbounded imagination and fearlessness are reflected in Hakaan’s timeless silhouettes. Embellishment shone through towards the end of the collection, wool, viscose, silk and velvet fabrics dominating throughout. With the addition of Leather and fur used for the hats and headpieces that adorned the models heads. It was simply stunning collection to conclude a week of London’s finest designers.

Written by Michaela Hoyte. Images © H by Hakaan Yildrim. Video Source British Fashion Council YouTube.

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