Presenting a collection that had a sense of freshness and freedom, Hemyca’s Spring Summer presentation explored ideas of futurism and the modern day drive for the latest technology. Entitled Digital Skin, it was a surprise to find a sweep of light, vibrant colour taking over many of the pieces. There were blues in every shade, from powdery tones to turquoise, soft pinks and apricot hues, jade and even some lashings of tangerine. Set against black and white garments, the colour seemed more intense – a signpost perhaps to the contrast of humanity and the digital lives we have moulded ourselves around. The coolest pieces were the stark white designs hit with panels of orange-pink pattern; they dripped with modernism and refined elegance.

It was the digitally printed pieces that really embraced the concept designers Helen Clinch and Myra Nigris had envisioned, with a busy, pixilated effect created in some of the intricate digital prints. The invigorating colour combined with the mixture of materials – waffle cotton and sleek leather next to organza panelling or gloss faffia jacquard – played on the idea of contrasts further. There was an added depth to garments, they appeared physically beautiful, something that had to be seen in the flesh, and not just on a screen.

The tactile nature that was subtly spun into pieces reminded us that while technology can provide us with a lot, the chance to explore fashion from all over the world and see new, exciting things, there’s still a firm place for seeing something in real life, being a human and actually interacting with what’s around you. If that means buying Hemyca’s clothes, we’re all for it.

Written by Daniella Golden. Images © Hemcya.