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My outerwear fetish was certainly satisfied by the HOT jackets, coats and cloaks on display at the Heohwan collection. It may be an Off-Schedule show, but for me it’s up there with the big names. Big, bold structures with bulky silhouettes are the main attraction but the texture-play isn’t far behind: Leather, fur, strips of metallics for decoration…

Attention is drawn to the neck area with a big emphasis on statement collars and high-neck base layers. Steely greys, black and cobalt blue make up the main colour scheme with little accents of white and print to lighten the mood. The round sunglasses add an extra touch of futurism to the looks. It’s just a down-right covetable collection of clothes! All I’m saying is… somebody better move over and make some space for Heohwan up on the main catwalk next season.

Written by Francesca Bassenger.
Photographs © Heohwan courtesy of Whitehair PR.