A unique identity and aesthetic, combined with ethically sourced gemstones and intricate design, is what makes KATTRI stand out from other jewellery brands. Whilst the brand may be relatively new, founder Amanda Gerbasi admitted that its focus on simplistic and contemporary design has ensured its quick and widespread success.

Amanda, whose background includes studies in Architecture at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, moved to the UK a decade ago to pursue a degree in Modern Languages and European studies at the University of Bath. It was around this time that she also completed a course in Business and Gemmology.

However, it wasn’t until she helped a friend with the development of a womenswear brand, that she felt inspired to create her own jewellery line. She admitted that: “I kept having ideas for very contemporary pieces with an aesthetic that I barely saw around and thought I might have something interesting to offer in the jewellery industry.”

Since its birth as a brand, KATTRI has developed a clear identity which has thus become the focal point of all its collections. Amanda explained: “I am obsessed with geometric shapes and wanted to play around with these to create multiple designs.” She added that: “Although I keep coming back to geometric shapes I also love drawing inspiration from furniture, architecture and art installations.”

Whilst the brand has accumulated much recognition and praise throughout Europe, featuring in magazines such as Tatler, Vogue, Dash and Professional Jeweller, Amanda admitted that: “My first big wholesale and my first big private orders are both very proud and memorable moments because they confirmed that people like my work enough to pay for it.”

She added that, despite her success so far: “KATTRI is still a fairly new brand so difficult moments are plentiful but it’s part of the game and it makes me more determined to succeed!”

In contrast to her previous collections which have featured a lot of straight lines and sharp edges, Amanda revealed that: “For 2015 I feel like creating a collection using more curves and cabochons.” She added: “I’m always looking into new technologies and what they allow me to create. I also enjoy mixing different materials, like sting ray leather – which I love!”

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Written by Orla Wallis. Images © KATTRI.