After graduating from London College of Fashion in PR and with power and determination, 24 year-old, self-confessed ‘Goal-digger’ Natasha Sajnani has managed to build a beauty empire becoming a full-time make-up artist and founder of ‘Facetools’ cosmetic brushes. Style LDN’s beauty writer, Kimberley Ho-A-Shoo, talks to the beauty entrepreneur to find out how she did it:

KH: When did you first get the idea of starting up your own beauty business?

NS: When I started out (as a make-up artist) about 2 years ago, almost every time I’d glam up a new client they would ask me to help them buy everything I used on them…now, that’s super pricey, but they still wanted it! I noticed that every time the bill would come out to so much and it was mainly the cost of brushes. I did my research and decided to create my own range of brushes- something luxurious yet affordable, something so beautiful you’d be happy to display it on your make-up counter and of course something that’s soft, gentle and good on your skin.

KH:  How did you then turn your ideas into reality?

NS: I have to say, in the beginning what really drove me was being passionate about it. I found something that I was so excited to share with everyone… little did I know the process would be so tough. I looked at numerous factories in China, trying to find the best quality. I couldn’t find it, so after about 6 months of looking around I decided to source each part of the brush from different areas. The goat hair is from Australia, the golden ferrule is from Taiwan and the whole thing is manufactured and put together in China. There were so many times where I wanted to give up but I just kept pushing myself to make this dream turn into a reality.

KH: So, give us your greatest plug – tell us what ‘Facetools’ in all about.

NS:  These luxury cosmetic brushes are created with the finest quality of goat, sable and synthetic hair. It’s crafted with a classic black wooden handle and paired with a golden ferrule to add an extra touch of glamour. Before the brushes are assembled, the bristles are first soaked in olive oil softening them to ensure that every stroke on your skin is gentle and smooth. After a thorough rinse, the brushes are infused with rose and chamomile extract making them perfect for sensitive skin. No other brand has done this in the history of the cosmetics industry. The set of 13 also comes with a guide on how to use each brush.

KH: In order to be a beauty entrepreneur are there any traits you need to have?

NS: I never thought I would describe myself as a strong person, but I definitely see it is as being one of the most important traits I’ve developed. To be any kind of entrepreneur I genuinely believe you need to be passionate because that is what’s going to drive you. You need to believe in yourself and what you are selling.

KH:  What valuable lessons have you learnt being an entrepreneur so far?

NS: This may sound cliché but I have really learnt to believe that everything happens for a reason. For someone who’s so goal-driven (I like to call myself a goal-digger!) when something doesn’t seem to be going right I get frustrated, throw fits and start to feel like a total failure. What I have learnt is to be more patient and to understand that if it doesn’t go my way it’s for a reason – most of the time a very good reason.

KH:  Which moment has been your career highlight?

NS: Of course working with big names is always going to be fabulous and make me feel amazing but honestly, every time I see a client smile with so much satisfaction it makes all the hard work so worthwhile. That’s when I feel successful- like I’ve made a difference to someone’s life.

KH: And finally, what tip/tips would you give people looking to start their own beauty business?

Just do it.  Anytime someone asks me for advice I will always say if it’s your passion- ignore whatever anyone else has to say and just follow your heart. Ignore the negativity, be strong, face your fears but also learn to accept criticisms and use them to your benefit.