Jamie Wei Huang’s AW17 presentation immersed the audience into a playful yet nostalgic atmosphere. This could have something to do with the fact that the presentation took place at Central Saint Martins, the university where Huang studied and graduated.

Striking green plants in an otherwise purely white space, together with a digital presentation by Spanish digital artist Eduardo Dies Poza entitled ‘memories’ (projected onto the walls), contributed to the dreamlike atmosphere. In keeping with the theme of memory, and a little bit of nostalgia, the collection gave a nod to the eighties with strong, tailored silhouettes. Meanwhile, the colour palette consisted mainly of deep red, vibrant blue, moss green, and neutral tones of brown and white.

Extra-long sleeves, flared trousers and sleeves, and oversized sweaters played with form and size. Metallic patches, exaggerated elements, and notably a light pink fluffy bag gave a lightness to the tailored and more conservative pieces.

In one outfit, a large white collared shirt with light blue metallic pocket-shaped patches, half tucked in, was paired with formal beige flared trousers; an example of the contemporary edge given to classic styles. A striking mid-length, woollen dress with extra-long sleeves and a metal zip detail were seen both in vibrant blue with red strips around the sleeves and collar: and in white with blue and red accents, showing the more casual, playful side of the collection.

With the dynamic air of elegance mixed with a youthful spirit, it is easy to imagine Jamie Wei Huang’s pieces being worn by women in the modern world.

Written by Carmen Botes. Images © Vogue.