Jamie Wei Huang hooked our attention last season with her innovative use of structure and challenging of typical feminine silhouettes. This season, huge pockets and buckles are stamped on many of the garments, skin is revealed in interesting ways and we see a play with texture surface. Whether it’s high-neck buckled jackets giving an almost military feel to the looks, or loose trousers and a leather bandeau exuding a rebellious, urban edge; the Jamie Wei Huang woman is in control. She has purpose and dignity and knows that the statement is sometimes in the understatement. Quality tailoring and immaculate cuts prove the outline is still the focus for Wei Huang.

Complementing the fairly minimalist approach to design, colours are kept subtle and fairly muted – minus the pop of blue and candy-floss pink which appears in heavy textured looks of ruffled fabric.

Inspired by human interaction with urban environments, Jamie Wei Huang’s Spring/Summer collection features elements of sportswear as well as pieces inspired by the modern day “London banker”: interesting starting points. The work is executed in her usual, boldly cut and strong-structured style. The pockets would definitely be handy in the rush of city life when fumbling in your bag is not an option in sardine-squished crowds.

Away from the structured image she champions, a look reminiscent of pyjamas has us enchanted with the classic pinstripe. The silk, loose look has that very cool, nonchalant vibe running through it. It makes us wander what’s in store for the next collection, are we seeing an affair with looser, more fluid fabrics begin?

Written by Daniela Golden. Images as per caption.