Season after season, the Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden has played host to Fashion Scout; a showcase of some of London’s brightest, most promising fashion designers. This season was no different, with a huge variety of designers being brought to the attention of the fashion community. On the first day of London Fashion Week, Jamie Wei Huang presented her latest work from her contemporary womenswear label. Her latest collection, entitled Nibbana, explores the concept of the afterlife, and how different religions and cultures perceive and picture the idea of ‘the great beyond’.

As the music began, the room took on a dark, mellow atmosphere. The models walked down the catwalk slowly, yet purposefully, setting a clear theme for the runway show. In this latest collection, the designer has remained faithful to her signature silhouette. Elongated and feminine, these clothes typify the unfussy modern woman. Contrasting fabrics of lace and leather are finished with industrial-looking buckles and embellishments.

The colour palette is largely monochromatic, interspersed with flashes of cobalt blue, red, navy and mint. Jamie Wei Huang’s use of patterns is what makes this collection really stand out, particularly with the inclusion of comic-like figures and skull motifs. At the same time, cheeky cut-out sections keep this collection playful. The models are accessorised with fringed earrings and backpacks – reminding us that while this collection draws inspiration from the afterlife, it is still very much focused on the practicalities of modern-day living.

Written by Catherine Loader. Images © Jamie Wei Huang / Leigh PR.

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