The creative platform, ON|OFF, celebrates forty years of Punk. This is the perfect setting for Jayne Pierson’s collection this London fashion Week. Capturing the rebellious atmosphere of the late seventies, the models strutted down the catwalk in tartan, leather and mesh. These materials encapsulate the punk era and take the form of a tartan ruffle strapless number with a matching caplet, loosely slung on the shoulders. Finished with thigh-high leather stilettos and slicked back hair, creating a look that has attitude and confidence.

Punk is all about youth defying public expectation and social order. Pierson emulates this with her hand painted graffiti pieces. A strapless defaced bodice with a bustle and matching pantaloons merges Punk and Victorian fashions. It’s elegant yet highly rebellious and unforgiving. Other graffitied pieces include pencil skirts, bomber jackets and a mini version for Pierson’s daughter who takes to the catwalk with fellow fashionista, Bip Ling. This expresses the transcendent nature of Punk; it is for all who are willing to adopt a forward way of thinking.

Pierson uses polka dot tulle and mesh to create camisoles and veils. This exposure of bare flesh under such delicate materials juxtaposes against the harsh leathers. The beauty of the feminine form is revealed against a combative and aggressive look.

At the end of the show, models break out into the crowd closing the barrier between them and us. This again hammers home the rebellious nature of the Seventies. Behind the tough exterior of the studs and leather, is a core of young people with strong beliefs about equality and progressiveness. Jayne Pierson captures this entirely in her collection.

Written by Bridget Sissons. Images as per caption.

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