If you like intelligent surprise in your fashion, look no further than Jayne Pierson’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. 

Bringing together a range of textures, colours and philosophical thinking, Jayne Pierson’s first stand-alone show at London Fashion Week showcased some of the best elements that this ‘art driven’ fashion house has to offer. Entitled ‘…and God Created Women’, the show conceptualised the story of the contemporary woman, showing the drive for survival and female spirituality. In this show, woman hasn’t merely survived, she has thrived. She is the woman who has learnt from the past and is empowered by the future.

Retaining the essence of traditional femininity whilst showing the strength of woman, Pierson combines strong, hand-painted leathers and denim with delicate cotton and fitted silk satins, suede jumpsuits and pleated leather. This collection is more than simple beautiful. It’s clever; Pierson thinks further than the cuts of fabric and adds intricate thought, entwined with history to her designs. Each piece is an individual work of art, inspired by women, made for women.

Pierson made waves in the collection by collaborating with Fashion Artefact designer, Qi Zhang and with contemporary artist, Neale Howells. Meanwhile, historical shapes are weaved into the designs, adding yet another layer of intrigue. It’s enthralling; the more you look, the more you get.

Jayne Pierson describes the clothing as ‘crafted in the spirit of luxury’. This can certainly be seen in the silhouettes and fabrics, which we found breathtaking. The Friday show also exclusively introduced the new JPL range – a mix of sport and leisurewear. The colours here included pale sand, baby blues, cobalt contrasting with tangerine, turquoise and white ice, all shimmering with a hint of metallic.

If art has no limit, then why should fashion? Jayne Pierson has proved that the cohesion can be remarkable.

Written by Bryony Jewell. Images as per caption.