An art student with a penchant for the organised and meticulous; this is the man who materialises in front of us when we think of the Joseph collection. Sleek, polished and with an eye of exacting scrutiny, he wants his clothes to be beautiful: to sing their cool features instead of say them.

Refined as his style may be, inspiration for this Joseph muse comes from the raw, grit of the street, with photographer, Bruce Davidson’s 1998 book, ‘Brooklyn Gang’ at his bedside. The book, which offers a look into the close-knit ties of a gang of boys in the 1950s drove the collection forward, with knitted sweaters and matching shorts, printed shirts and classic American sports jackets all derived from the style of the youths.

The minimalist, clean palette of white, black, murky green and navy blue is Joseph’s take on the raw and relaxed feel exuded by these images, (although the dip into coral does hint at a more eccentric persona). The leather t-shirts are a statement of sleek coolness, while the quirky, playful prints reveal a softer side to the tough guy shown in Davidson’s book.

Styled with voluminous, double-pleat trousers and kimono-sleeved shirts layered over one another, there’s a tactile interest to the cottons and silks used.

The spirit is an all-American, carefree, youth revolt, but one which has been crafted from a Joseph eye of sleekness. The result? Modern, refined and achingly cool.

Written by Daniella Golden. Images © Joseph.