A definitive sportswear influence runs through the Joseph SS15 collection, with pleated skirts, ribbing, and scuba and sweatshirt fabrics galore. There’s an obvious androgyny to the cuts that portrays the Joseph woman as a tomboy, unfazed by what you or I think and unshakeably confident in her own skin.

The colour palette is monochromatic, for the most part, with the only hint of colour coming from the natural tan of the leather and denim pieces. Patterns and other embellishments are limited to only one or two looks, with points of interest coming instead from the cuts, the use of sheers and the natural sheen of the fabrics.

‘Natural’ seems to be a key concept in this collection. At the show the models walked fresh faced with the only noticeable enhancement being the emboldened eyebrows (although they could very well be natural too).

A stand out piece is the denim dress that incorporates a denim jack, complete with sleeves still attached and hanging loosely around the waist. The silhouettes across the collection all mirror this relaxed and roomy aesthetic; oversized shirts, basket ball shorts and wide-legged trousers. The only hint of structure appears in the form of bowed sleeves – most noticeably flanking a white oversized blazer – perhaps this is another nod to the more masculine and muscular body shape?

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © Joseph.