The Kent and Curwen collection for autumn / winter 2014 (a debut for, creative director, Simon Spurr) is inspired by British naval dress uniform. Impeccably tailored jackets in varying colours and lengths are adorned with large lion-head crested buttons and paired with tuxedo trousers. This is serious sartorialism right here and yet the collection is not without a sense of fun. Little accents of bright turquoise, yellow and burnt orange lighten the tone and add a youthfulness that might otherwise have been lost.

The more casual looks also impress; fairisle jumpers and duffle coats remain as dapper as the highly shined Loake shoes that they are paired with. What else do you expect? The Kent and Curwen man is no less the gent at the weekend. That said, there’s a strong sense of personality with each look, highlighted by the wide range of accessories carried by the models; leather driving gloves, backpacks, umbrellas, iPad cases and portfolios all feature.

A personal favourite (one of many) is the padded jacket and suit in matching monochrome tweed. Somehow it summarises the careful balance between sharp and soft, work and play, tailor and stylist that makes this collection every London city-boy’s ideal capsule wardrobe. Perfection.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images courtesy of Modus Publicity.