KTZ. AW14.

Pow! KTZ cracks you in the face with a stonking collection for AW14. Ice men with painted faces tread the ‘walk in fur trimmed parkas and geometric prints. Oversized urban swaggery is monochromed and hooded, metalicised and gloss finished: Hooded sweatshirts, bomber jackets, quilted bikers. Accessories are given the same treatment in matching prints, leather and fur. Spiked chains hang around the models’ necks like icicles, as matching spiked studs stick out from their ears. Metal ‘headwear’ comes down over the bridge of the nose, poking out from beneath hats and hoods giving a futuristic element the styling.

Not only do the clothes look great, they look warm! What better way to face the frosty London winds than in a furry knee-length ‘baseball jersey.’ The texture play is a large part of this collection’s appeal and certainly adds to the sense of urban luxe that oozes from the brand generally. It’s a collection that cannot be ignored or forgotten.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © Christopher Dadey and courtesy of KTZ.