All of the big names in the fashion industry must start somewhere and, with the prestige of London College of Fashion, the best place to uncover the up and coming artists is the LCF MA exhibition. Located in the Victoria House Basement, the exhibition will be open from February 18th-22nd.

The floor space is divided by graduate course, with rustic cardboard boxes creating a pathway between the artworks. The first eye-catching designs come from MA Fashion Artefact students, Sage Townsend and Yunfei Su who produced head pieces. The artwork stood out amongst the crowd with their futuristic visions, as Townsend used a cylindrical effect and Su with a sharp and spherical design in a wood material.

One of the most innovative creations of visual stills comes from MA Fashion Photography student, Athena Thoma, with moving image projections onto a cast of a women’s torso. As the artwork moved on to clothing and footwear, stand out designs came from MA Fashion Design Technology: Menswear student Ka Kui Cheng. The clothing had an art-pop feel with bright colours and cartoon faces, all of which transition perfectly to current high street fashion. Another wearable design is the creeper-like slip-on sport sandals by Lei He (MA Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear).

It is easy to get lost and spend hours in the exhibition space amongst the visual pieces. With the high standard of the artwork, the event is a must-see during London Fashion Week.

Written by and image © Chelsea Davis.

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