Nasir Mazhar kicks off this AW16 collection with his trademark survival gear, with brief flashes of tailoring and a crisp white shirt. It then progresses back into black sportswear and barely-there pieces.

Mazhar highlights the body within his pieces, whether it’s with bralettes and ripped jeans or a technical tracksuit, cinched at the waist. The characters of Nazhar’s story are powerful, rebellious and unyielding. The most startling of whom, wore large gasmask/helmet hybrids. The skill of this collection is within the outerwear; the padded puffas, the long line coats and high-neck bomber jackets.

Advanced understanding of silhouette and fabric manipulation go into the garments to create pieces that grip onto the body and act as armour. Asymmetric pieces alongside enlarged bomber jackets create a diverse line up.

Everything is this collection is soaked in black. The power and rawness behind the cut away details brings a street wear collection fit for a dystopian future.

Written by Gabrielle Kynoch. Video source British Fashion Council YouTube.

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