For her AW16 collection Shilpa Chavan’s label Little Shilpa invites you on board Satelite 20.16.  This futuristic collection combines sports luxe and eccentric headpieces. Influenced by all things intergalactic and otherworldly, we are taken on a journey of exploration. Think iconic pieces of the 80’s, such as jogging bottoms and white basketball trainers. Then combine this with modern fabrics of neoprene and polyester, juxtaposed by fine lace and sturdy wool.

The models orbit each other; one at a time coming to the forefront to reveal the collection’s colour palette which consists of pastel tones such as pink, blue and yellow. To the left of the room is a projection of an alien space landing, the light from this catches the sparkle in the garments and illuminates the models’ faces. An oversized jogging two-piece in cream, with a pastel blue lighting strike down the chest, embodies the eighties and ties together the theme of stars and satellites.

A layered lace skirt is juxtaposed by an oversized sports jumper and chunky white trainers, which shouldn’t work but totally does. Stiff fabrics such as neoprene are also used; one model wears a pastel blue and yellow matching skirt and jumper with lace batwing detailing. The rigid fabric moves with the model, adding to the deliciously awkward alien-like feel of the collection. Satellite 20.16 is all about taking chances, stepping into the future but maintaining staple items of the past.

This intergalactic journey extends to the unworldly headpieces. Sparkling tulle is bent and twisted with wire to create tulip and horn-like shapes, held on by panels of coloured plastic. One head piece, made entirely of lace, encases the head. The material gathers in an upwards formation and contrasts to the red plastic veil that covers the model’s left eye. A space age wedding head piece if you will!

Litttle Shilpa shoots into Fashion Week with this AW collection like a bolide powered by star dust. Combining the old and the very new we see a fresh take on the Sports Luxe trend.

Written by and images © Bridget Sissons.

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