For the past 60 years, internationally acclaimed fashion label Louis Vuitton has been photographed by the best in the business. If we want proof of this, we need only look at the label’s past campaigns. Yet, what if we wanted to take a more detailed and stylish look at the journey of the label throughout fashion history? Well, thanks to a new book entitled: Louis Vuitton Photographie et Mode, we can.

Interestingly, this is one of the first photography books with a focus on high-end fashion that examines the post-modern aspects of fashion photography. It showcases an incredible amount of contemporary and past talent, including iconic fashion models, stylists and photographers.

In addition to this, the book examines the ways in which Louis Vuitton‘s past campaigns have, not only demonstrated the beauty of the label’s garments but also the photographer’s ability to capture this beauty. As well as celebrating the physical and literal appeal of these campaigns, it highlights the creative and artistic elements behind them; reminding us that the fashion is one of the most important and influential art forms in modern society.

The book is set to be released in both a deluxe and additional edition. From October 1st Louis Vuitton stores will be stocking the deluxe edition in French and English and it will also be available to buy directly from their website for €100. The additional edition will be available in a wider range of book stores from October 15th for €75. For those with a keen interest in fashion photography or fashion history, Louis Vuitton Photographie et Mode will be a perfect addition to the bookcase.

Reviewed by Orla Wallis. Image courtesy of Rizzoli.