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A tribal inspired collection from Lug Von Siga for SS14. Swirling prints bring to mind tribal tattoos and faded art on cave walls. High neck lines imitate the visual effect of the neck rings of the Kayan people and mask prints with glaring eyes decorate.

Fringing appears on hems and seams on shorts, dresses, and tops, sometimes subtly and sometimes in stark contrast to the garment fabric.

There is texture play galore with sheers, silk and leather piping all piecing together and contrasting against each other, sometimes creating a layering effect. Structure wise, cut-out dresses, asymmetrical skirts, splits and slits all replicate the style of African tribal-wear.

Loud and proudly ethnic, this collection successfully takes a strong influence without crossing the line into ‘costume.’ The result is a whole host of eye-catching statement pieces.

Written by Francesca Bassenger. Images © Simon Armstrong.